Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In Shock and Horror! ...Over FlickR?

Well, more miffed than anything. Because of this simple image and some tight-wads, my FlickR account has been labeled "unsafe". Apparently, because of one image - only one - I'm apparently a "loose cannon". Oh noes, the covered nudity is going to destroy us all!

...Ok, with all the junk mail I got/get on my Yahoo mail accounts, the slogan of "FlickR loves you" really makes it seem like some sort of sick, twisted joke. FlickR is acting like a government official that clamps down on easy prey but doesn't go after bigger, challenging, yet more important problems.

Honestly, I should have at least gotten some sort of heads-up. I would've appreciated someone sending me a message about this possibly being labeled wrong or in the wrong group. Now, because of all this, all my other photos are labeled restricted- all the ones from the Mardi Gras event at Illusions, all my Eolande Anniversary pictures, and all future uploads are automatically restricted.

Great fun, huh? Really do feel a bit caught off guard. :|