Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Giant List of Blogs

Because we all have too many in our favorites, and I'm certainly so exception. But I'm doing something about it.

Store Blogs
Masks & Feathers - Masks and other accessories
Illusions - Masks, Ears, Jewelry and other accessories
Blaze - Formal, Casual and Shoes
BareRose - Megastore
Fleur Skins (Tete a Pied) - Skins and some clothes
Muse Fine Jewelry - Jewelry
Celestial Studios - Clothes and Skin
Callie Cline - Formal and Casual
Canimal - Eccentric and Eclectic clothes, and Skin
casa del shai -Formal and Casual clothes
silent sparrow - Eclectic, Goth, Formal and Victorian clothes
Rebel Hope Designs, Inc - Formal, Bridal, Casual and Costume clothes
Draconic Kiss - Gothic and Lolita Skins and Clothes
TULI - Skins, Formal and Casual clothes
Ravenwear - Megastore

Other Blogs
Fabulously Free in SL - Freebie Blog
Freebie Telegraph - Freebie Blog
Free*Style - Freebie Blog
Freebie Finds in a Pixelated Universe - Freebie Blog
Bonita Loon - Freebie Blog (Non-English)
Free Second - Freebie Blog
this doll has handbook - Freebie Blog (Non-English)
Another Blog - Another Skin's blog and PSDs

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Surrounded by Others' Mistakes

Some days I wonder if it's really worth bothering helping people, or even trying to make friends. I'm typically used to making my own mistakes when interacting with people...

But I'm fucking sick of being treated like dirt because someone else decided to be a bonehead.

It's incredibly draining and disheartening. Sometimes, I want to just runaway and cry; others, I want to just beat the living daylights out of people and then say, "There, now you have an actual reason to think I'm shitty." I understand being cautious, but completely disregarding, ignoring, and/or assuming that I'm going to be exactly like the last person or group is bullshit. Especially after I've repeatedly given my own time, efforts, and money to something. Moreso if you've asked for my help or my partner's help and then utterly blow it off.

I'm particularly peeved by a bunch of people who should be acting like adults, but are acting more like pre-teen brats who 'borrowed' daddy's wallet to get a bunch of stuff and now, instead of addressing the charges they've made, they're just buying more shit. They've made a mess with their toys and make-up, and they don't want to clean it up- only to smear it around more.

I left one place because I wasn't listened to. I'll leave again without looking back, and trust me, the people and things that I've brought to the table will probably bow-out, too.