Thursday, January 15, 2009

Three Random Thoughts

1.) I get medz in real life today! These will either calm me down or make me want to kill everyone. 8D

2.) When you read a blog with a team of writers (beyond one where they're multiple personalities like here), posting that you like A better than another team member on B's post is !@#$ing rude. You should be stabbed in the eye with a spork.

3.) I want to hunt down whoever thought Bert and Ernie were gay room mates, rip our their genitals and shove them down his/her throat. Sesame Street was designed so that the characters acted like their audience members, which are infants up through early/middle elementary school. Guess what? I took baths with my little brother at that age, and it certainly wasn't !@#$ing incest! Some families bathe same-sex friends together at that age, too. I think my mom had to do that a few times with the younger boys in her daycare because they would get caked in mud. Bert and Ernie are friends, not lovers. They related to 5 year-olds, not adult San Franciscan residents.

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