Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thought Regurgitation

Ok, so I've posted to two different places on the matter, and I may as well consolidate my thoughts. Being as this is drama and I just got out of car trip that started at 4AM, I'm posting here. If you're new (and probably anyone that comes here about this issue right now is), this is just my own mix of meandering, semi-logic.

1.) It's the damn holidays. If you asked how people could trample a man to death at Wal*Mart and are now throwing anyone under a bus, pull your head out of your arse. Maybe you could, you know, for one moment give someone the benefit of the doubt and perhaps some mercy? Or if that's too damn difficult, take a step back and not fall victim to the good ol' American fundamental attribution error? AKA, don't blame it on the person's character but the situation.

2.) Of the time I've spent with Feo, she's blunt and not necessarily the best in word choice. I, too, was not comfortable with the use of the term 'obese', and as a writer of FT, I should have said something about changing the wording. However, I hope it's not a crime to spend time with relatives out of state as opposed to monitoring the actions of other adults. I think it's important to know, though, that Feo did not intend any harm. It was just one of those stupid moments we all have. And I'm sure unless you're Martha Stewart, your holiday season was hectic or had some goof somewhere along the line.

3.) I have little to no clue as to what is going on with the full-permission group gift thing. I've seen a little bit about it on FT, and I've seen some other stuff on another blog, and frankly, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW ANYMORE. I read SCD for any sort of drama fix, thanks. It's not something I personally handle well. However, i can tell you that I've run into this situation before, where a group member of FT - not Feo, or any other writer, just someone we find helpful - sent out a box of ETD hair with full permissions. (History on this is old; it's something being passed around the grid for over a year now, and LL has yet to really do shit about it.) Now, I could have flipped out, as I'm very much for the protection of creators' rights.

However, I also know you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

So, I contacted the member politely, she explained the situation in that she *didn't* know it was a problem and had she been wiser, she wouldn't have sent this out. I then contacted an ETD manager about the situation, while Feo and Myria contacted LL to get the notice removed from our histories. I also posted notices and blogs to remove the object from inventories.

4.) Yes, Feo does get crap tossed her way for posting about free things she finds. In fact, I remember when certain store owners gave her and Myria shit because they were annoyed by the lucky-letter calling that was allowed in the group. Because you know, it's the group owner's fault that the damn interface doesn't work as it should. Now, I know when I'm in a bad mood, I tend to take anything negatively directed towards me and blow it up. I'm also a human. Guess what? Feo's a human, too! Imagine that!

I believe Feo overreacted to sileny's comment with the shit that's being festering this holiday season. I highly doubt the group gift accident has helped the situation.

Now, do I want anyone to lay down and die? No, I reserve those thoughts for very special people that I've had the displeasure to meet in real life. if I can wish for anyone, it's something that my mom often tells me: put on your big girl panties and deal with it. We're adults, we should have the capability to think things throw without throwing a temper-tantrum!

But what do I know? I've only worked with these people, right?

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