Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Change to the Schema

This blog was intended to be my anonymous little place to gab about whatever I wanted in a constructive way. I have discovered that being anonymous can ultimately get in the way of communicating ideas and such beyond commenting on others blogs. So, changes are to be made here.

This will become more of a personal space. I will not be signing my avatar name, as I do not want to directly tie my avatar to what is posted from now on. Because future content will probably be fairly 'dear diary' and emo in nature, rather than fully thought out and incorporating logic.

Each writer is intended to be a different reflection of myself, so there may still be odd posts under different authors. It's a quirk I have. But all in all, this is not a place of reason and should not be taken to heart or seriously. Especially if I'm ranting.

Relevant posts will be posted to my new, productive blog that is not anonymous.

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