Monday, February 25, 2008

Green Team on the Scene: Ohana Isle Anniversary

Ohana Isle Anniversary - 1
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This is pretty late (look at the pink!) but I think it's still very worthy of note.

Around Valentine's Day, Eolande celebrated her store's One Year Anniversary, holding a huge party at the Ohana Isle sim and kicking off the Valentine Treasure hunt. I threw on a dress, laced up Machine's tie, and struck out with him to congratulate the jewelry maker.

For those that do not, Accessories by Eolande's prides itself on having the largest selection of hair accessories in Second Life. She also has a gorgeous array of jewelry sets, and the sim hunts she organizers with other sim-store owners are challenging and entertaining. Each month, a new hunt with a new item to search for is set out, lasting about a week (depending on SL troubles). Since about Thanksgiving, Eolande has also included 'interactive insulters', ranging from Tom the Turkey to a crude leprechaun. If you need a light-hearted place to browse wares and just chat, I would recommend Ohana Isle.

As for the anniversary party itself, they not only had a DJ, but set up Eolande on a spinning knife-thrower wheel! Talk about a designer with good spirit and sense of humor! We congratulated Eolande on her accomplishment, thanked her for everything she has done, and wished her well in the coming year before heading off on the hunt. Along the way, we snagged one another for snapshots:

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